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Report: overall social security development positive but uneven

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 17.12.2004 7.00
Press release -

The social security of people in Finland has developed in a generally good direction in recent years but has not done so evenly among different population groups, according to a report issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, 17 December.

Though the overall level of poverty in the country has dropped, relative poverty has risen, the report finds. This is reckoned to be because the level of minimum benefits and family benefits have fallen behind general income developments. Long-term unemployment remains a problem. The report states that there are yet no solutions to cutting poverty and exclusion.

At the same time, a better employment rate and tax reductions have improved the situation of families with children. But the available arrangements for child care vary according to the age of children.

In general, the health of the population has improved, but here again there are disparities between the better off and less well off population groups. The report also states that a special worry is the rapid increase in child obesity and the clear rise in alcohol consumption following the cut in the tax on alcohol.

The report also considers the welfare of the population in terms of new funding and service production in social and healthcare, changes in conditions in the workplace and certain inmprovements in gender equality.

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