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Reforms to Equality Act take effect

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
14.4.2005 10.40
Press release -

Amendments overhauling the Equality Act between men and women are now in force, ratified by both parliament and the state president in mid-April.

The changes to the law introduce a range of new measures. Workplaces employing 30 or more employees are now obliged to draw up equality plans dealing with the division of workplace responsibilities among men and women, mapping pay distribution and ways to tackle gender besed inequalities.

The carrying out of workplace equality plans is being overseen by the Ombudsman for Equality, who is empowered to set deadlines for creating them.

The reform also contains measures to define gender harassment as a form if discrimination subject to compensation. The changes to the legislation bring the existing law in line with the EU’s directive on gender equality in working life.

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