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Phone help for gaming addicts

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
3.5.2004 7.00
Press release -

A telephone help line for gaming addicts will be opened from the beginning of September to encourage people to seek advice in tackling their habit.

The project is the result of a cooperation agreement signed between the MSAH, lottery and gaming companies and two organisations working with gaming addicts - the Finnish Blue Ribbon and the A-Clinic Foundation. The aim is to encourage people with gambling and gaming habits, and their relatives, to seek help and advice at an early stage. Gaming addiction often goes untreated until it becomes a severe problem, which is why the MSAH is now encouraging early intervention.

In addition to the help line to provide counselling, the service may direct clients who need more in-depth help to a consultation service.

Apart from helping gaming addicts, the service will give the MSAH more complete information about the extent of gaming addiction throughout Finland.

Further information about the service will be publicised shortly before its launch.

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