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Pay equality plans seek clear deadlines

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
18.5.2005 9.21
Press release -

A ministry working group on ways to narrow pay differentials between men and women has proposed that the goal be set of reducing the pay gap from 20 to five percent by 2015. The gap has been a persistent obstacle to efforts to implement workplace equality.

The working group has detailed ways to tackle the pay gap with targeted measures to improve the equality in a number of areas. They include gender segregation in areas of the labour market and training, women’s career development, piece work, the use of workplace equality plans, harmonising working and family life, salary systems and contract policy, developing statistical information and business and corporate responsibility.

The proposals of the working group form the basis of a government programme on pay equality. In addition to reducing the pay gap, the programme seeks to ensure that a fifth of the workforce will be employed in so-called ‘equality professions’ by 2012 and that by 2020 half of all management posts will be filled by women.

Further information:

Marja-Liisa Anttalainen, Senior Research Officer, tel.+358 9 160 74080, 040 546 9230
Leila Mélart, Ministerial Adviser tel. +358 9 160 73837

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