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Occupational safety and health authorities of Finland and China agree on intensifying their cooperation

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 27.4.2006 3.00
Press release -

The cooperation on occupational safety and health between Finland and China will intensify further with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the countries. The Minister of Social Affairs and Health of Finland, Ms Tuula Haatainen, and the Minister of the State Administration of Work Safety of the People’s Republic of China, Mr Li Yizhong, signed on Thursday 27 April in Beijing the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation on Occupational Safety and Health between the countries. The signing of the document was part of the programme of Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen’s visit to China. The Finnish and Chinese occupational safety and health authorities have been developing their cooperation for several years, and the memorandum now signed enhances the opportunities for cooperation in the long term.

The Memorandum of Understanding includes, i.a., exchange of experiences of practical measures in improving the occupational safety and health of workplaces, of developing the relevant statistics and regulations, as well as of promoting the research and technologies related to occupational safety and health. The implementation will take place on a broad basis, among others by dissemination of various comparative studies and information material, joint meetings of researchers, andby activities of the co-operation network of the countries’ administrations and experts.

Recently China has intensified the operation of its occupational safety and health administration. The State Administration of Work Safety was made a ministry-level organisation in 2004. The Finnish and Chinese occupational safety and health authorities will draw up together, based on the now agreed Memorandum of Understanding, specific annual plans for cooperation. The Memorandum of Understanding applies, at first, to a period of five years and it will be agreed together on its continuation. In Finland, also the social partners find the co-operation in the field of occupational safety and health important.

The relevant authorities of China and Finland have been co-operating for years. Simultaneously the authorities have been acquainted with developments in each other’s occupational safety and health. The Chinese party have also been interested in the improvements made in occupational safety and health in Finland and in the actions of the relevant authorities. Finns are interested in developing the cooperation on technologies, research and production with the Chinese party.

For further information please contact: Director Erkki Yrjänheikki +358 9 160 72479.

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