International cooperation

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and its administrative sector are engaged in proactive global social welfare and health care policy cooperation in the EU, internationally and bilaterally.

MSAH deals with the international commitments that come within its field of activity. This international work is based on Finland's EU and international policy lines, the programme of the government and the policy lines of the MSAH itself.

International work is conducted through international organisations. Cooperation is based on international commitments and processes supporting social sustainability, including conventions and recommendations of the UN, the WHO, the Council of Europe and the ILO.

The ministry also coordinates cooperation projects with neighbouring regions in the social affairs and health sector. The prevention of the spread of infectuous diseases, lifestyle illnesses and social exclusion require extensive international cooperation, especially in neighbouring areas.

The Ministry's International Affairs Unit is responsible for the following, among others

  • planning and developing EU and other international affairs within the Ministry's administrative sector; coordinating these affairs with the Ministry's other departments and institutions and other ministries
  • coordination of reporting on the implementation of international human rights and other agreements within the Ministry's administrative sector
  • making preparations for the international visits of Ministers' and the Permanent Secretary
  • anticipating developments in EU activities and on the international scene