Future forms of work and impact on occupational safety and health

Sunnuntai 3.9.2017 klo 09.30 –  11.30

Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriö

There are global trends concerning the future of work, but there are differences among individual countries and sectors. At this event, which is a part of the Singapore World Congress, high-level experts will share their global and national perspectives on Future forms of work, one of the ILO’s Centenary Initiatives.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland, International Commission on Occupational Health ICOH and Ministry of Manpower, Singapore invite you to be a part of the Global Dialogue on a burning issue that affect us all. We are inviting 150 participants from international organisations, heads of delegations, high-level OSH experts to an early start of the Congress on September 3rd 2017.

Free participation, but please register here by August 20th.

The language of the event will be English and there will be no interpretation.

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