Antti: Ministerial Adviser in the Administration and Planning Department

Valkopaitainen ja silmälasipäinen mies osoittaa tussilla valkoisella taululla olevia numeroita.

Antti Alila researches and produces information related to the economics of social security. His tasks are versatile – in the morning, he may work on the costs of student health care, and in the afternoon it might be pension indexes. Alongside his work, Alila has been studying mathematics at the university. He has been able to take his exams even in the middle of the day.

What do you do in practice?

- I look for, collect, and produce information related to the economics of social security to the ministry’s top officials and experts. Being familiar with statistics that describe social security is important. I often make assessments on e.g. how legislative amendments could affect costs. I also produce long-term forecasts on social expenditure, estimating the effect of the ageing population on the costs of social security.

How does your job affect people’s everyday lives in Finland?

- My work has an indirect effect on people’s lives. We support the ministry’s top officials and experts as well as working groups. There was recently a working group set up to work on the development of oral health care. If changes are made to dental care services as a result, that will be visible in people’s everyday lives. My job was to gather information on the costs of dental care for the working group.

Why did you want to work for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health?

- I didn’t originally have any particular intention to work for the ministry. However, even back when I was younger, I had an impression of the State as a good, relatively secure employer. They don’t expect you to work unreasonable hours – working hours are usually regular. I ended up at the ministry, when they were looking for a replacement at our unit.

What is it like to work for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health?

- This is a good place to work as an economist, because this job combines theories learned in economics courses and how they are really visible in society. My colleagues are real experts and do their jobs well. I can always ask my co-workers or supervisors, if I am not sure about something or need support.

How well does the ministry take the reconciliation of work and free time into account?

- Even though sometimes it gets very busy and sometimes it is quieter, I always work 7 - 10 hours. That leaves time for studies, family and hobbies. I have been able to make time for my mathematics studies, for example.

What kind of skills and personality traits are useful in your work?

- You have to be good with numbers. You need logic and prudence. There is a lot of writing, that is important. You meet other people often, so you have to be cooperative and willing to interact with others.

What is the best thing about your job?

- The things we handle here are important and interesting in terms of society. I get to do what I’m interested in and what feels meaningful to me. My colleagues and working community are nice.

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Namn: Antti Alila
Arbetsuppgift: konsultativ tjänsteman (förvaltnings- och planeringsavdelningen)
Utbildning: politices magister (nationalekonomi), kandidat i naturvetenskaper (matematik)
Anställningens längd vid SHM: nästan sju år (började i mars 2007)
Tidigare arbetserfarenhet: Drygt ett halvt år i förvaltningsuppgifter vid Helsingfors Handelshögskola mellan examen och arbetena på SHM.