Occupational safety and health and combating the grey economy

The grey economy refers to industrial and business activities where statutory obligations that arise from legal activities are left unfulfilled. The statutory obligations include taxes as well as pension, accident and unemployment insurance contributions.

OSH authorities supervise the rules of working life

The OSH authorities tackle the grey economy by supervising that employers

  • use only such labour that has the right to work in Finland (duty to enforce certain provisions of the legislation on aliens),
  • fulfil in employment relationships the minimum conditions of employment provided for in legislation (Employment Contracts Act, Posted Workers Act and generally applicable collective agreements),
  • choose, when using agency workers and subcontractors, business partners who have taken their social responsibility (the Act on the Contractor's Obligations and Liability), and
  • make sure that people working on a construction site carry a photo ID card with a tax number.

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Tackling grey economy and economic crime

The Government aims to take determined efforts to reduce the grey economy and economic crime.

The Government has a National Strategy for Tackling the Grey Economy and Economic Crime.

An Action Plan to implement the strategy consists of actions that are of key importance in terms of the objectives of the Strategy.