Department for Social and Health Services

The Department for Social and Health Services is responsible for the social and health service system, its development and the relevant legislation.

The Department deals with issues regarding

  • primary and special services in social welfare
  • primary health care and specialised medical care

The groups under the Department and their areas of responsibility

The Department for Social and Health Services is led by Director-General Kirsi Varhila.

Management and Joint Affairs Group (YHT)

the Department's general and human resources administration

Director Kirsi Varhila

Clients and Personnel Group (AHE)

  • the status and rights of clients and patients
  • client fees in social and health services
  • social and health care staff and information technology

Director Annakaisa Iivari

Health Services Group (TEPA)

  • health services, medical rehabilitation, forensic medicine, pharmaceutical service, medical devices and equipment
  • mental health services and services for substance abusers

Director Liisa-Maria Voipio-Pulkki

Social Services Group (SOPA)

  • social services for families, children and young people, and family benefits
  • international adoptions
  • services for older people and people with disabilities, care of people with intellectual disabilities
  • compensation for military injuries and services for war disabled and veterans
  • farm relief services for farmers and fur producers

Director Jaana Huhta

Digitalisation and Information Management Group (DITI)

  • steers and develops information management in healthcare and social welfare
  • handles matters that relate to national and regional information system services in healthcare and social welfare and to their steering and governance, information management, data protection and data security

Director Minna Saario