Department for Promotion of Welfare and Health

The Department for Promotion of Welfare and Health promotes welfare and social inclusion as well as the population's health and functional capacity.

The task of the Department is to

  • secure a healthy living environment
  • promote social exclusion
  • plan, monitor and guide the provision of early support
  • draft and implement legislation in its sector
  • take care of emergency preparedness planning and prepare for emergencies
  • manage tasks related to the EU and international cooperation

The groups under the Department and their areas of responsibility

The Department is led by Director-General Veli-Mikko Niemi.

Department Management  (HTO/YHT)

the Department's general and human resources administration

Director Veli-Mikko Niemi

Unit for harm prevention (HAITE)

  • alcohol, tobacco and drug policy
  • preventing accident injuries in the home and at leisure
  • preventing harm caused by gambling games
  • preventing interpersonal and domestic violence
  • victim-offender mediation in criminal and civil cases
  • preventing trafficking in human beings and sexual abuse

Director Kari Paaso

Inclusion Promotion Group (OSE) 

  • preventive social policy
  • social work and social rehabilitation
  • social inclusion and prevention of social exclusion
  • promotion of the welfare and health of people with disabilities, immigrants and other special groups
  • housing allowance and social assistance
  • services for homeless and excluded people

Director Kari Ilmonen

Coordination and Development Group (KOKE)

  • coordinates the department's operational and financial planning and related financial preparation, implementation and follow-up tasks, legislative drafting, as well as the department's EU and international affairs
  • assists the director in general and personnel matters, as well as in the coordination of the department's functions and the development of the department
  • is responsible for the preparation and administrative implementation of the national development program for social welfare and health care

Director Merja Mustonen

Health Promotion Group (TERE)

  • preventive health services, for instance child health clinics, school health care and student health care
  • occupational health care
  • combating communicable diseases and wide-spread diseases in Finnish population
  • nutrition, physical activity and sexual health
  • social policy affecting health and health promotion

Director Taru Koivisto

Environmental Health Group (YTE)

  • monitoring the quality of drinking water and bathing water
  • housing health and construction safety
  • environmental health issues related to waste management
  • environmental medicine and hygiene
  • chemicals control
  • biotechnology, gene technology and nanotechnology
  • radiation monitoring

Director Jari Keinänen