International cooperation on gender equality

European Union

Gender equality is promoted in the EU using legislation and gender equality policies. The promotion of equality between men and women and the elimination of discrimination are among the EU’s guiding principles. They are written into the EU Constitution.

The Commission’s strategy for gender equality sets out the EU’s gender equality goals for the period 2016-2019. One aim of the EU strategy is to reduce the gender pay gap, increase the number of women in company management, and prevent gender-based violence.

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) supports EU institutions and member states in promoting gender equality in all areas of decision-making and in fighting discrimination based on gender. The institute collects information on the gender equality situation in member states, publicises gender equality issues, thereby aiming to raise awareness about gender equality among EU citizens. 

Finland will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union 1 July – 31 December 2019. The priorities of Finland’s EU Presidency on gender equality include 1) promoting debate on future EU gender equality policies, based on the review of the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action (Beijing +25),  and 2) promoting gender equal economies.

The Trio Presidency Declarations are signed by current and forthcoming holders of the EU Presidency. They include gender equality priorities for each EU Presidency.

Council of Europe

Finland is holder of the Presidency of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers, from November 2018 to May 2019. In March 2019 Finland and the Council of Europe held two conferences on gender equality. The first of these dealt with access to justice for Roma women.   

The second conference dealt with efforts to eradicate gender stereotypes and sexism.

The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs coordinates the work of the Finnish Presidency.

United Nations

The UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), a commission of the United Nations Economic and Social Council convenes each year to evaluate the state of gender equality at UN level. Finland is involved in the work of the CSW.

Nordic Council of Ministers

Finland also cooperates internationally on furthering gender equality in its work with the Nordic Council of Ministers.