National Genome Centre

Data on people's genetic makeup helps make better personalised choices, target the screening of diseases, specify diagnostics, and choose the best and most effective treatment.

In Finland, the development of personalised medicine and improving public health calls for the establishment of the genome centre. Establishing the genome centre will be necessary for the continuing development of personalised medicine and public health in Finland (Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Genome Strategy 2015).

The genome centre would serve as a one-stop shop service point for healthcare operators, research institutes and companies in all matters related to genomics. The centre would be responsible for the development of a national genomic database and support the efficient use of the database in patient treatment and scientific research.

The genome centre would be a centre of excellence that processes and stores data and enables its utilization.

Preparation of the genome act and the genome centre

The genome centre working group started its work on October 17, 2016. The assignment of the working group is to prepare a proposal for the establishment of a genome centre and for the appropriate use of genomic data. Additionally, the working group will make a proposal for the operating models for national reference and variation databases and gene test interpretation services. Results and experiences from the pilot projects will be used in the preparation.

Planning of the operation of the national genome centre, Kristiina Aittomäki.

The draft law concerning the establishment of a genome centre and for the use of genomic data was circulated for comments in the spring of 2018 and agein in summer 2019. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health will continue its preparations for the establishment of a genome center.


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