COVID-19 certificates

Finland is currently preparing digital COVID-19 certificates that will be available in the My Kanta Pages. The certificates will be introduced in stages. Read more about the COVID-19 certificates on THL’s website:

Finland’s COVID-19 vaccination certificate

On 26 May, Finland launched a national certificate of COVID-19 vaccination that contains information about the COVID-19 vaccines the certificate holder has received. When travelling, you can use the Finnish COVID-19 vaccination certificate to enter countries that accept it as proof of vaccination. Countries decide themselves which certificates they require from travellers and whether they accept national COVID-19 vaccination certificates. They can even decide whether they require one dose or two doses of vaccine. However, you must always check before travelling what kinds of certificates are required in your destination.

You can use Finland’s COVID-19 vaccination certificate until the EU Digital COVID Certificate (previously called the Digital Green Certificate) is made available in July.

EU Digital COVID Certificate

In July, the EU will launch the EU Digital COVID Certificate that will include a vaccination certificate, a test certificate and a recovery certificate. The EU Digital COVID Certificate will be available across the EU once the Regulation on interoperable certificates on vaccination, testing and recovery enters into force and all the Member States have implemented it. The three certificate types will be launched at the same time, and they will be available in the My Kanta Pages.

The regulation is expected to enter into force on 1 July, and the Member States have six weeks to implement it. This may mean that not all Member States will be able to issue and scan certificates at the same time.

COVID-19 certificates available in My Kanta Pages

The COVID-19 certificates will be available in the My Kanta Pages.

In the future, the My Kanta Pages will contain certificates of COVID-19 vaccinations and other COVID-19 certificates as well as certificates of other vaccinations. In this way, the functionalities and certificates now created in the My Kanta Pages would be available even after the COVID-19 pandemic. The functionalities in the My Kanta Pages would therefore be permanent.

The certificates could be digital certificates, QR codes or a combination of these available in the My Kanta Pages and people could display the certificates on their mobile device or have them printed on paper. The authenticity of the certificate can be checked by scanning the QR code. The certificates available in the My Kanta Pages would be free of charge. They would be available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Finland’s COVID-19 vaccination certificate is available only in the My Kanta Pages. You can either show the certificate in a digital form or print it out on paper. You can also authorise someone else to use the My Kanta Pages on your behalf.

Currently, and even in the future, you can ask the healthcare provider that administered your vaccine to give you a paper certificate of your COVID-19 vaccination. However, this certificate is not the same as the certificate available in the My Kanta Pages: there is no standard form for the paper certificates issued by healthcare providers and they are not stored in the My Kanta Pages.

When the EU Digital COVID Certificate is launched in July, you can get if from the My Kanta Pages or you can ask your public healthcare provider to give you a paper version of it free of charge.

COVID-19 certificates only for personal use

The COVID-19 vaccination certificate available in the My Kanta Pages is intended for personal use of individuals who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. People can decide themselves how and when to use the certificate.

The Finnish COVID-19 vaccination certificate may facilitate travel already in May: it is readily available and other EU Member States can accept it as proof of COVID-19 vaccination, if they so wish, even before the EU regulation enters into force.

The Finnish vaccination certificate is easy to get and use, as you can show it on your mobile device or print it out. The certificate is free of charge.

You do not need to contact a healthcare professional to get the certificate: the certificate will be created automatically in the My Kanta Pages. In this way, healthcare resources can be used elsewhere.

Once the EU Digital COVID Certificates are in use, they are easy to check in other EU Member States, because they have the same content across the EU. Each Member State can decide what certificates they require from incoming travellers and how many vaccine doses the travellers need to have received. Under the EU regulation, Member States must accept the EU Digital COVID Certificate if they accept other similar certificates.

Why launch the certificates in stages?

The Finnish digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate was launched in May, in advance of the EU Digital COVID Certificate, because a lot of development work had already been done. Data about administered COVID-19 vaccines are already available in the Kanta Services.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate will be launched later, because it can be used only after the EU regulation has entered into force. At the same time, it will be ensured that people can get information about their COVID-19 tests from all healthcare units in a comprehensive and uniform way.

The Finnish COVID-19 vaccination certificate is part of the EU Digital COVID Certificate. This means that the introduction of the Finnish certificate will help complete the EU Digital COVID Certificate without any additional costs or work.

Project implementation and responsibilities

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare is responsible for the implementation and scheduling of the project.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has the overall responsibility for the project. It is also responsible for the legislative and international work involved.

The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) implements the COVID-19 vaccination certificate and makes the necessary changes to the My Kanta Pages. It is responsible for customer services for the My Kanta Pages and for informing the public about the new certificate.  

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