Strengthening the competence of professional

The work ability programme will strengthen the competence of professionals and experts responsi-ble for matters related to work ability. This will be achieved by developing training on how to sup-port work ability and access to employment.

By developing and providing training, it is possible to support the competence and capabilities of professionals working within the service system so that they can make better use of multiprofes-sional networks and the service package for supporting work ability and employment in a client-oriented manner.

Three training packages will be developed under the programme.

  1. The training for work ability coordinators (10 credits) will be provided as part of education and training offered by universities of applied sciences. This will make it possible for professionals to strengthen their competence in supporting work ability and access to employment by taking part in the training either as part of education leading to a vocational qualification or in the form of work-place training.
  2. The instructor training (1 credit) is designed for those providing training for work ability coordinators. It aims to ensure the quality of the work ability coor-dinator training between different training providers.
  3. The work ability and employment support training (2 credits) is a package in-volving participation from the projects receiving discretionary government grants under the work ability programme and their partners. Following the work ability programme, this training will be freely available to everyone, and it can also be used as part of the training for work ability coordinators and instructors. The training on supporting work ability will be open to everyone in autumn 2022.

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