Aim to provide services to everyone regardless of time and place

The aim of the key project is to improve clients’ access to services supporting functional capacity and self-management of health and make health and social services easier to find.

The project measures include: a public service pledge by the counties, efforts to incorporate information obtained through client and resident experiences into the service system, development of electronic services for self-management of health adding to available service channels, service voucher experiment increasing freedom of choice, reform of residence-based social security, and the basic income experiment.

The key project is divided into three packages:

Package 1: Reform of the healthcare and social welfare process – focus on the client

The package has the following categories:

1.1 Drawing up of the public service pledge
1.2 Establishment of an operating model for expertise by experience and client involvement 
1.3 Development and implementation of electronic services for self-management of health
1.4a Service voucher experiment
1.4b Service voucher for oral health services

Package 2: Assessment of the appropriate channelling of residence-based social security

Package 3: Implementation of the basic income experiment


A total of EUR 37 million has been allocated for implementing the project in 2016–2018.

Pirkko Mattila, Minister of Social Affairs and Health and Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services Annika Saarikko are responsible for the key project.