Services responsive to client needs

The project piloted different ways of providing health and social services so that everyone can have access to the services they need regardless of time and place.

The development of healthcare and social welfare provision was based on client experiences and participation. Final service packages and practices will be generated in the counties through experimenting and client feedback.

For clients, new service provision models will mean increased flexibility and freedom of choice as regards the use of health and social services. Clients have better access to services supporting functional capacity and self-management of health. Health and social services are also be easier to find.

The key project was divided into three packages:

Further information

Vuokko Lehtimäki, Project Manager 
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Hyvinvointi- ja palveluosasto / HPO, Palvelut-yksikkö / PAL, Aikuiset-tulosryhmä / AIKU 0295163256