Preparedness for an A(H1N1)v influenza epidemic (swine flu)

Information on swine flu, i.e. influenza A(H1N1)v virus and swine flu vaccine on the web

In Finland, vaccinations against swine flu using Pandemrix vaccine were discontinued in August 2010 as a safety measure until an explanation is found for the observed rise in cases of narcolepsy among children and adolescents.

The National Institute for Health and Welfare has compiled on its website topical information on swine flu or influenza A(H1N1)v virus, its symptoms and treatment, the vaccine against swine flu, risk groups, the epidemic situation in Finland, as well as instructions for health care professionals and tourists.

In 2006 the MSAH published a National Preparedness Plan for an Influenza Pandemic.

All the hospital districts have prepared their own preparedness plans on the basis of the national plan.