Pharmaceutical care is an integral part of social and health care. The MSAH is responsible for the development of pharmaceutical care and preparing legislation concerning pharmaceuticals.

The aim is to have an efficient, safe, appropriate and cost effective system of medical treatment available to all who need it. The proper availability and professionally competent distribution of pharmaceuticals is safeguarded at all times.

Medicines policy 2020

Health authorities and stakeholders in the field of medicines have set out their joint objectives in the Medicines Policy 2020.

  1. Pharmaceutical service is a part of the social welfare and healthcare service system
  2. The pharmaceutical service is of high quality, efficient and cost effective
  3. Rational pharmacotherapy and good medication safety enhance the wellbeing of the population, improve public health and decrease the healthcare expenditures
  4. Pharmaceutical research enhances health, wellbeing and employment
  5. Veterinary pharmaceutical service safeguards public health and promotes the wellbeing of people and animals

The MSAH directs the pharmaceutical policy objectives of the ministry together with the agencies under its guidance. Medicines Policy 2020 is a part of the MSAH social and health policy strategy.

Safe pharmacotherapy

The MSAH has drawn up national guidelines on principles and best practices for the provision of pharmacotherapy.

Finnish National Medicines Day

 The National Medicines Day is a national day for both medicine users and health care professionals. It was celebrated for the first time in 2012 on the theme ‘know your medicines'.