Programme for persons with partial work capacity


The Programme for persons with partial work capacity has ended, and these pages are no longer being updated.

A total of almost 260,500 people in Finland were on a disability pension in 2011. Approximately 10 per cent of them had retired on the grounds of partial work ability. Approximately 25,000 people retire on a disability pension every year.

The most common grounds for partial work ability are musculoskeletal diseases and mental disorders.

Practical concept: the right help at the right time with right means

The operational programme to reintroduce people with partial work ability into the labour force has produced a concept for allowing people with partial work ability to continue working or to find employment.

The concept is aimed at ensuring that there is a seamless chain of services for people with partial work ability that helps them to continue working or to find employment. Responsibility for adopting the range of tools included in the concept rests with the employer or the local Employment and Economic Development Office.

The concept also requires a public electronic service and information portal containing up-to-date information about all services and benefits available. The operational concept will first be tested in pilot projects to evaluate its effectiveness and adaptability to different circumstances and to identify any weaknesses.

Also legislative obstacles to working must be removed

Two working groups were involved in the operational programme: One was led by the former Minister of Social Affairs and Health Paula Risikko and charged with preparing the operational concept; the other was led by Director-General Outi Antila and charged with investigating legislative changes that should be done to promote employment among persons with partial workcapacity.

For more information, please contact

Päivi Mattila-Wiro, Programme Director, [email protected]
Raija Tiainen, Project Manager, tel. +358 295 163 610, [email protected] (concept)
Outi Antila, Director-General, tel. +358 295 163 164, [email protected] (promotion of employment among people with partial work ability)