Persons with partial work capacity in working life: Study on the impacts of the operational programme

The Programme for persons with partial work capacity has ended, and these pages are no longer being updated.

A study examining the impacts and functionality of the operational concept was conducted as part of the "Persons with partial work capacity in working life" programme. Research data was gathered in 12 organisations, in which the concept is currently being piloted.

Qualitative and quantitative research

The study is comprised of both qualitative case studies and quantitative research.

Qualitative case study 
Concept processes Factors preventing
and promoting implementation of the concept
Concept benefits for the individual and the organisation Electronic service usability and areas needing improvement
Quantatitive research
Financial impacts of the operational concept


Concept functionality and impacts are examined in thematic interviews, journal entries, process descriptions, narrative case descriptions and financial impact assessments. Financial impacts can be assessed from the perspective of a client, organisation and society.

Three publications and three theses are being done in the study.

The findings of the study will be used in, for example, further development of the operational concept, planning the electronic service, and the training of work ability coordinators.

Further Information

Research Director Nina Nevala, tel. + 358 (0)40 734 4166, [email protected]