The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is building a cohesive society and sustainable wellbeing

We safeguard people’s functional capacity, livelihoods and services to create an equal, stable and sustainable society.

Our history is slightly longer than that of independent Finland. About a month before Finland gained its independence, the handling of social matters was separated from the Senate’s administrative department for trade and industry to form an administrative department for social matters. A decree on the administrative department for social matters was issued on 8 November 1917. This marked the beginnings of our modern social administration.

After a fairly circuitous course the administrative department for social matters finally became the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Our objective is to create a cohesive society and sustainable wellbeing. In addition to social sustainability, we have highlighted sustainable economy and solutions supporting wellbeing in our environmental decision-making.

Our work is based on three values: equity, courage and transparency.

Forward together

We have been part of people’s lives from the time Finland was under Russian rule right up to today’s welfare state.

The priorities of social and health policy have changed over the years, but the objective of our work has remained the same: for a Finland that supports wellbeing, functional capacity and health, increases participation, and provides the necessary security and services.

Thanks to our long-term health and social policy work, we now have more healthy years of life and can maintain our functional capacity for longer than ever before.

The changing population age structure and the increasing pressures on public finances also affect health and social policy. We are renewing existing structures and operational frameworks. Such renewal is the only way to guarantee sustainable wellbeing.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is a ministry that creates growth and opportunities

Our sights are already strongly set on the future. Changes challenge us to consider the roles of society, communities and the individual from new perspectives.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health wants to support people’s wellbeing, health and functional capacity. At the same time, we aim to be involved as a frontrunner in economic growth and renewal.

This why we are working to build new forms of cooperation across sectoral boundaries. We are an expert partner that finds sustainable, creative and novel solutions for the future, actively seeks cooperation at the national and international level, and anticipates the impacts of solutions.

We have excellent possibilities even to act as an engine for exports, a magnet for investments, and a provider of new work opportunities. The utilisation of health technology and genomic data, for instance, is creating entirely new possibilities.

Our objective is to create a future in which people play an active role in their own communities and in society as a whole, and where each individual can be sure they will have the support, security and services they need, whenever they need them.

Further information

Riikka Nurmi, Head of Communications 
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Viestintäyksikkö / VIE 0295163003