Minister of Social Affairs and Health

The Minister of Social Affairs and Health Hanna Sarkkinen deals with the following matters:

  • health insurance (daily allowances and reimbursements)
    • parenthood allowances
    • sickness allowances
    • reimbursements for medicines
    • reimbursements for travel expenses
    • health insurance reimbursements
    • reimbursements for organising occupational healthcare
    • employer’s funds
  • unemployment security
  • rehabilitation organised by Social Insurance Institution Kela
  • pension security
  • housing allowance for pensioners
  • employment accident, motor liability, patient, life and non-life insurances
  • insurance market
  • general housing allowance
  • maternity grants
  • conscript’s allowance
  • child benefits
  • child home care and private care allowances
  • pharmaceutical service
    • production, wholesale and retail sale of medicines
    • compulsory stockpiling
    • medicine reimbursement system
  • disability benefits
  • labour protection
  • Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations STEA as well as Veikkaus Oy and its proceeds
  • preparedness coordination

Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services

The Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services Krista Kiuru deals with the following matters:

  • social welfare
    • child welfare
    • social welfare and services for persons with disabilities, including interpreter services
    • care for alcohol and drug abusers
    • services for older persons
  • preventive social policy
  • health services
  • patient safety
  • publicly funded pharmacotherapy under the Health Care Act and related pharmaceutical service
  • prevention of communicable diseases
  • national vaccination programme and vaccine procurement
  • free-of-charge treatments under the Communicable Diseases Act and the Client Fees Act
  • public health
  • mental health
  • rehabilitation
  • health promotion
  • environmental healthcare
  • alcohol, drug and tobacco policy
  • gambling-related harm
  • health protection
  • home and leisure accidents
  • domestic violence and violence against women
  • occupational healthcare, excl. reimbursements
  • social assistance
  • maternity and child health clinics
  • school and student healthcare, school welfare services
  • family and parenting support, family social work
  • healthcare and social services for families
  • sexual and reproductive health
  • state reform schools
  • wellbeing, inclusion promotion and social exclusion of children and young people
  • front veterans’ issues
  • farmers’ holiday and stand-in scheme
  • central government transfers to local government

Minister for Nordic Cooperation and Equality Thomas BlomqvistLink to an external website is responsible for equality and non-discrimination matters.

Assistants to the Minister


Päivi Saarimaa, tel. +358 (0)2951 63535 

State Secretary

Juho Orjala, p. 02951 63424

Secretary: Susanna Miettinen, tel. +358 (0)2951 63045

Special Advisers

Jiri Sironen, tel. +358 (0)2951 63410

Secretary: Märta Lehtonen, tel. +358 (0)2951 63589 

  • international and EU affairs, pension security and private insurance, as well as communications.

Petra Malin, tel. +358 (0)2951 63508

Secretary: Susanna Miettinen, tel. +358 (0)2951 63045

  • pharmaceutical services, family benefits, Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations STEA, and Veikkaus proceeds.

Mikko Aarnio, tel. +358 (0)295 163 709

Secretary: Riitta Grönroos, tel. +358 (0)2951 63742 

  • social security reform, unemployment security, housing allowance, health insurance, occupational safety and health, capacity and ability to work and wellbeing at work

Assistants to the Minister


Maria Vanhanen, tel. +358 2951 63525 

State Secretary

Eila Mäkipää, tel. +358 2951 63632

Secretary: Riikka Mononen, tel. +358 2951 63531 

Special Advisers

Laura Lindeberg, tel. +358 2951 63109

Secretary: Noora Manni, tel. +358 2951 63534

  • healthcare system, health and social services reform, maximum waiting times for access to care

Jenny Suominen, tel. +358 2951 63387

Secretary: Minna Westerholm, tel. +358 2951 63336 

  • communications and media relations, matters covered by the Ministerial Working Group on Child and Youth Policy, issues involving alcohol and drugs, mental health, and services for older people and people with disabilities

N.N., tel. +358 2951 63603

Secretary: Minna Westerholm, tel. +358 2951 63336 

  • social assistance, international affairs and rehabilitation

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