Methods of supported employment

To support the employment of people with impaired capacity to work, the work ability programme will develop job coaching for supported employment which is based on quality criteria. In this method, personal job coaches help jobseekers become employed in normal paid work and in the open labour market. As a rule, coaching and rehabilitation will take place as part of people’s jobs.

The programme also involves developing a social welfare service path for supporting employment. The focus of the model is to develop such measures in the social welfare sector that promote access to employment, and to improve the assessment of service needs and the coordination of services. The model which is being developed will take account of cross-sectoral coordination and the laws and regulations governing the activities. The aim is to integrate social welfare services more closely into the services supporting people’s work ability and functional capacity and to strengthen the in-terfaces between employment services and social services.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health will also develop a subcontracting model where clients can take part in the work of external operators together with their own instructors. In the model, the service organiser will be responsible for job guidance and work can be done either alone or in a group.

The regional projects focus on developing and piloting methods that will be integrated into the em-ployment-promoting health and social services available in the wellbeing services counties.

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