Moving to Finland - social security

People moving to live in Finland permanently are included within the residence-based social security system, generally from the time they move to the country.

You are considered resident in Finland when you have a place of residence and you are for the most part residing in the country. If you are required to have a residence permit under the terms of the Aliens Act, the permit is as a rule valid for a minimum of a year, so that you are considered a permanent resident.

If you are moving to Finland permanently you have to register with the register office in the municipality where you live. You will be included within the municipal social and health service system from the moment you are registered in the municipality in which you live.

The Finnish Immigration Service, which falls under the Ministry of Interior, provides information on moving to Finland, permits, and residence.

Info Finland is an online service, run jointly with the City of Helsinki Communications, provides information on social security and Finnish society for people moving to Finland.

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