International Affairs Unit

The International Affairs Unit develops, plans and coordinates international affairs in the Ministry's administrative sector.

The International Affairs Unit

  • coordinates the administrative sector’s activities in intergovernmental cooperation bodies (incl. the EU, WHO and other UN bodies, the Council of Europe, the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Arctic Council, the Barents Euro-Arctic Council, the OECD)
  • is responsible for the preparation of international visits and trips taken by the ministers and the Permanent Secretary and for other high-level visits and meetings in intergovernmental cooperation, and assists and supports the Ministry’s management in the implementation of EU affairs and other international activities
  • coordinates and synchronises reporting on the implementation of international human rights conventions and other agreements and the processing of human rights appeals in the administrative sector.
  • together with the Ministry’s departments, is responsible for bilateral cooperation agreements between Finland and other countries in the social and health sector and for their implementation.
  • participates in international and EU meetings and engages in advocacy with other states and international organisations
  • is responsible for managing the resources for intergovernmental cooperation
  • coordinates the Ministry’s involvement in export promotion activities and other high-level bilateral cooperation.

Pasi Korhonen, Director for International Affairs