Industrial products

The Ministry is the competent market surveillance authority for personal protective equipment, machinery and cableways. These products are subject to European Union (EU) common product legislation.

If the UK leaves the European Union, it becomes a third country and such industrial products could no longer be imported freely to the EU market. British companies exporting products to the EU have been regarded as distributors. In the event of the UK’s exit from the EU, British companies would be regarded as importers and would have more extensive responsibilities than distributors.

Notified bodies (NB) are institutions that carry out the procedures for conformity assessment. Information about them is published in the European Commission’s NANDO system. If the UK leaves the EU, the British notified bodies will lose their right to act as notified bodies in the EU. This will not affect the products that have been placed on the market or put into service in the EU earlier and carry a type examination certificate or another conformity assessment document issued by a British notified body.

After Brexit, products will need a new conformity assessment document if conformity was assessed before Brexit by an institution located in the UK.

Market surveillance will not be affected whether or not the UK leaves the EU without a deal. The authority will continue to monitor that products are safe to use and that their documents and markings conform to the legal requirements.

The European Commission has published guidance for economic operators on Brexit.

Further information

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