Improved home care for older persons and enhanced informal care in all age groups

One of the Finnish Government's key projects was to support older people live at home and enhance informal care for people of all ages.

Strong increase in the number of older people in Finland

Finland is ageing fast; it has been estimated that the over-75-year-olds will account for around 20 to 26 per cent of the population by 2030.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is responsible for Finland’s ageing policy. The policy seeks to promote older people’s functional capacity, independence and active participation in society. For this reason there are a number of ways and initiatives to support older people to live at home.

One of the Finnish Government’s key projects was Home care for older people will be developed and informal care enhanced in all age groups.

Home care for older people will be arranged according to needs

Services for older people must be client-oriented and cost-effective. They should be integrated and targeted according to the service needs and functional capacity of the older person being supported. The aim is equal and well-coordinated services that curb the growth of costs.

Services provided at home take priority. In future, services promoting health and functional capacity and rehabilitation services will be better integrated with services provided at home.

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Informal care and family care become more versatile

Informal care and family care was reformed so as to better support the wellbeing of the carers. Services were made more versatile so that they better meet the needs of different kinds families.

People of working age need more flexible ways to combine informal care and working.

The change will be made together

Each county had an agent of change whose task was to create together with operators in the area an integrated package of all the services designed for older people during the key project’s term (2016–2018).

Reform work was carried out also in eight regional pilots.

Further information

Satu Karppanen, Ministerial Adviser 
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Hyvinvointi- ja palveluosasto / HPO, Palvelut-yksikkö / PAL, Toimintakyky-tulosryhmä / TOK 0295163549