How is the Economy of Wellbeing built?

We can build the Economy of Wellbeing together in all sectors of society. This requires inclusion and an opportunity for everyone to influence and develop their own communities and living environments. 

The Economy of Wellbeing approach promotes the vision of a society which is developed on a cross-sectoral basis and where people are at the heart of thinking. This is what has been done in the leading countries that have established the Wellbeing Economy Governments (WEGo). The group consists of Scotland, Iceland, New Zealand, Finland (since 2020), Wales and Canada. These countries have taken practical measures to promote the Economy of Wellbeing approach. 

To build the Economy of Wellbeing, we need indicators that take into account the combined impact of the social, economic and ecological dimensions of sustainability on wellbeing. It is necessary to promote cooperation between different actors and to make long-term investments. This way we can maintain and develop our welfare state in the future, too.

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