Health and wellbeing will be fostered and inequalities reduced

Edustalla isoäiti ja lapsi kävelyllä metsäpolulla. Taustalla isoisä ja toinen lapsi.Good practices increase healthy ways of living, strengthen mental health and prevent loneliness. They also reduce differences in health and wellbeing.

The closing seminar for the project was held in Helsinki on 15 November 2018.

Good practices into use across the country

Across the country, many good practices have been adopted that can influence different aspects of people’s lifestyles, such as physical activity, dietary habits, sleep, substance use and smoking. The effects of these practices also extend to people’s inclusion and mental health.

Nine good practices proven to be effective have been selected for the key project. The goal is to take these into use as extensively as possible throughout the country. The idea is to make good practices a permanent part of operations, independently of individual administrative structures.

A total of EUR 7.25 million was used for the dissemination of good practices in 2016–2019.

People’s own strengths as the starting point

Good practices are particularly beneficial to people whose health and wellbeing are clearly below average. For this reason, the good practices included in the key project focus on strengthening people’s resources and improving their inclusion in society. Lifestyles that enhance health and wellbeing must be accessible, easy and attractive to everyone.

Good practices:

  • are not dependent on a specific administrative structure
  • strengthen people’s resources and support people in taking responsibility for their own lives
  • facilitate the work of professionals and improve results
  • require everyone to change their ways of action

Good practices should be integrated into the following, among others: 

  • municipalities’ wellbeing reports and regional strategies to promote health and wellbeing
  • service promises and strategies
  • preventive health and social services
  • contracts with service providers
  • induction of new employees