Gender perspective in the budget

The budget is the Government's key tool for implementing financial and operational policy. The way in which public funds are distributed also directly influences the daily lives of women and men.

Every ministry must include in its budget proposal a summary of any operations related to its administrative branch that have a significant gender impact. They can also name concrete objectives and measures to promote gender equality.

Gender perspective is needed in all operational and financial planning

The gender perspective will become a part of all operations when it is closely bound to operational and financial planning. It is an important perspective, for example, when surveying results and goals and various statistics and indicators.

The aim is to have the gender perspective included into the performance guidelines of administrative sector offices and agencies of each ministry.

It is also important to take note of the gender perspective in monitoring:

  • in annual reports
  • in the Annual Report of the Government
  • as part of internal monitoring.

A research project called Gender Equality in the Government Budget was carried out during 2017-18 . The project identified best practices in gender impact assessment of the budget and in gender budgeting in other countries, developed methods to assess the gender impacts of the budget and assessed the gender impacts of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s government’s policies, and made recommendations concerning the integration of gender impact assessments and other gender budgeting tools and practices in budgetary process in Finnish government administration.

The report is available in Finnish with a short English summary: