Finland as a contributor to global health security

Finland and Australia currently co-chairing the Alliance for Health Security Cooperation (AHSC). The Alliance is a platform for discussion and exchange of views and experiences to facilitate engagement between countries and other relevant organizations and stakeholders involved in building health security across different sectors implementing the One Health approach. The vision of the Alliance is a world equipped to prevent as far as possible the emergence of health security threats and, where this cannot be done, quickly detect and effectively respond to them—particularly where those threats have the potential to cause harms on a national, regional or global scale. To realise this vision, the Alliance operates primarily by facilitating thematic dialogues, as well as by assembling and disseminating information for policymakers.

Finland is a member of the Steering Group of the Global Health Security Agenda and participates actively in the Action Package on biosafety and biosecurity, among others.

A multisectoral Steering Group for Health Security steers the national and international health security cooperation in Finland. The Steering Group has a rotating chairmanship and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health chairs the Steering Group 2019. All ministries and the Office of the President of the Republic of Finland are represented in the Steering Group. The Steering Group reports to the national Security Committee.


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