Evaluation and follow-up study

The evaluation and follow-up study on the work ability programme, which will be con-ducted by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, will provide information on the imple-mentation of the projects receiving government grants under the programme, the results, impact and effectiveness of these projects and the coordination of benefits to support the social security reform.

The achievement of the programme’s objectives will be assessed from the perspectives of both processes (e.g. how well the multidisciplinary service packages identify the need to support the work ability of unemployed people with impaired capacity to work) and impacts (e.g. how the conditions for employment change for unemployed people with impaired ca-pacity for work during the programme).

The evaluation and follow-up study will consist of three interconnected sections:

  1. the implementation and results of the projects
  2. the impact and effectiveness of the interventions carried out during the pro-jects
  3. the coordination of services and benefits (achieved by conducting an exten-sive register study).

The research information from these different sections will be compiled in the interim and final reports of the study.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employ-ment will use this information to support knowledge-based decision-making. The infor-mation will also help reform healthcare and social welfare, employment management and rehabilitation (further development, dissemination and integration of information) at the na-tional level. The research information on the services and benefits available to people with impaired capacity to work will also help develop the knowledge base and research prac-tices that support the work of the committee preparing the social security reform.

The evaluation and follow-up study concerning the measures of the Ministry of Social Af-fairs and Health will be conducted jointly by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. An external evaluation will also be made of the whole work ability programme.

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