Data and research about well-being at work

There is more than one correct definition for well-being at work.  Well-being at work is an individual experience related to, for example, well-functioning personal relations at the workplace and employees' own vocational skills. Well-being at work helps a person to be enthusiastic and motivated and to take initiative. Therefore, well-being at work is directly connected with work productivity and with the competitiveness and reputation of the employer organisation.

Lots of data and research to support work development

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has drawn up a report  on research carried out in Finland on well-being at work. The report covers years 2010–2013. The report concentrates on research regarding psychosocial strain and resource factors.

A problem with research on well-being at work is that research data is not disseminated to workplaces well enough. Additionally, research seldom presents any concrete development measures, and the effectiveness of different means is not studied on a broad basis.

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