COVID-19 vaccines and international cooperation 

Vaccines developed at unprecedented speed

More than 200 vaccine candidates are being developed, two of them in Finland.
The World Health Organization (WHO) publishes on its website an updated list of all the vaccine candidates currently under development:

Usually, developing vaccines against viruses takes years, sometimes even decades, and only a few are successful in the end. Efforts are being made worldwide to speed up research and development on vaccines against COVID-19. Some of the vaccine candidates are based on new technologies that have never been successfully used in vaccines.

International cooperation in vaccine procurement

Finland has joined the international COVAX Facility that aims to guarantee fair and speedy access to COVID-19 vaccines for every country in the world and to accelerate the development, manufacturing and delivery of the vaccines. COVAX is led by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the international alliances CEPI and GAVI.

CEPI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, is responsible for financing epidemic preparedness and the development and manufacturing of vaccines. GAVI, the Global Vaccine Alliance, prepares purchase agreements and procures vaccines for developing countries. The WHO supports countries in preparing their health systems for rolling out vaccination programmes. 
The COVAX Facility aims to redistribute two billion vaccine doses by the end of 2021.

Finland joined the COVAX Facility as part of Team Europe. Team Europe, consisting of the EU and its Member States, support the COVAX Facility to accelerate the development, manufacturing and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines worldwide and guarantee that even the poorest countries have access to vaccines.

Team Europe is a significant contributor, having mobilised around EUR 900 million for COVAX by December 2020. Finland has pledged EUR 2 million for the COVAX Facility. In 2020, Finland has supported GAVI with EUR 2.5 million and CEPI with EUR 4 million, of which EUR 3 million was pledged to vaccine development.

Almost all countries of the world have joined COVAX.

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