Communications accelerate change in operating culture

The communications objectives of the Health at Work Programme are related to a change in the operating culture, which requires a change in attitudes towards mental health issues. The Programme also aims to disseminate the tools, measures, methods and models developed under the Programme to workplaces throughout Finland.

The objective is to see good mental health in the workplace as a success factor in a constantly changing world of work that needs to be strengthened by developing work and preventing problems. It is better to provide proactive support to the entire work community than to reactively address the problems of individual employees.

This requires that workplaces focus on practices that support mental health, such as good leadership, reasonable workloads, proper organisation of work, sharing of information, feedback and appreciation.

Impact assessment used in the implementation of the Programme

When assessing the impact of the Mental Health at Work Programme, account will be taken of the progress made in implementing the Programme and the results and effects achieved.

In the development-focused assessment, the assessment results will be used during the programming period. Based on the results, the implementation of the Programme can be developed and redirected.

The assessment will be carried out by Nordic Healthcare Group.

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