Suomi on esimerkkimaa terveydenhuollon tietojen sähköistämisessä

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 28.5.2013 9.46
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Finland has been a forerunner in the adoption of electronic health care records and electronic tools. According to an international assessment report, Finland is in a prime position to continue this role as openness, trust and transparency all features typical to Finland are an excellent starting point for the further development of electronic information management in the social welfare and health care sector.

In 30 years, Finland has moved from local systems to regional information exchange and national information standardisation and availability. The results of the international assessment support Finland's chosen policy in the development of information management within the social welfare and health care sector.

Quality and volume of information is Finland's forte

According to the assessment report, if the collected data is properly utilised, the quality and volume of patient records and registration information can turn out to be a goldmine. In practice, all health reports are already in electronic format. Patient information is collected comprehensively and in line with specifications. ePrescriptions work well, and the information collected in registers is of high quality.

The integration of social welfare and health care, which creates new opportunities for health care process renewal and the reassessment of old practices, is another strength. The assessment report paid special attention to the creation of incentives that allow the innovative ideas of patients, doctors, and health care organisations to be included in process development.

Future focus on health care processes

Technological advancement has taken such strides that improvements can no longer be achieved without changing the processes and practices of the health care sector itself. In the future, Finland must focus more on the modernisation of health care services and care processes. Electronic tools enable process renewal and the adoption of new kinds of treatment paths, in the case of chronic disease, for example.

The assessment report also recommends that developments in health care IT and information management must be firmly based on strategic health care development plans.


A team of international experts assessed how Finland has managed to develop the full scope of electronic information management in the social welfare and health care sector. The experts made recommendations on how the field as a whole should be developed in the future so that it would best serve both the population and social welfare and health care professionals.

The assessment focused on national information system services, chosen strategies, and their implementation. The usability of the patient information systems was not assessed from the viewpoint of the personnel.

The international assessment was implemented by EHTEL (European Health Telematics Association). The assessors were from Europe and Israel, and in their home countries are active in health care administration, standardisation organisations, and hospitals, for example.

The evaluation results were presented at the Health Care IT event in Turku on May 28. The actual report will be published in June. 

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Peer Review: eHealth Strategy and Action Plan of Finland in a European Context (Reports and Memorandums 2013:11)

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