Minister Mattila to attend an EU meeting of Employment and Social Affairs Ministers in Malta

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 3.4.2017 8.00
Press release

Minister of Social Affairs and Health Pirkko Mattila will take part in the EU Informal Meeting of Employment and Social Affairs Ministers in Malta on 3–4 April.

In line with one of the main themes of the Maltese Presidency, the meeting is set to discuss Making Work Pay.

The Ministers of Employment will discuss the competence of employees and the efforts to prevent inequality in the EU labour markets, while the Ministers of Social Affairs will discuss labour market as a vehicle for social inclusion. The ministers will also discuss in-work poverty.

Education and training are significant for the promotion of workforce competence and the prevention of poverty.

Finland considers it important to prevent inequality in the labour markets. It is increasingly important to create equal opportunities to labour market access. Finland prevents in-work poverty through its extensive system of collective agreements. Gender pay differences are prevented through wage settlements, equality planning at workplaces and by addressing gender segregation in the labour markets.

Finland is not in favour of European-wide unemployment security or minimum wage.

Finland’s view is that social inclusion can be promoted by safeguarding everyone the right to decent work that gives sufficient income. Labour market structures should also be reformed so that even vulnerable groups have access to employment.


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