The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Government's key projects

Six of the key projects of Prime Minister Sipilä's Government are within the administrative branch of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. During the government term, objectives will be implemented with the help of a total of 26 key projects. 

The ministry's key projects and responsible ministers

  • Services to be based on customer needs /Mattila and Rehula
  • Health and wellbeing will be fostered and inequalities reduced /Rehula
  • Programme to address child and family services will be implemented /Rehula
  • Home care for older people will be developed and informal care enhanced in all age groups /Rehula
  • Career opportunities for people with partial work ability /Mattila
  • Social welfare and health care reform /Rehula

Objectives of the Government Programme

The Government's vision is that in 2025, Finland is an inventive, caring and safe country where everyone can feel important, and mutual trust prevails in society.
Government Programme (Finnish Government)

The five strategic objectives of the Government Programme are:

  • enhancing employment and competitiveness
  • reforming knowledge and education
  • promoting wellbeing and health
  • accelerating bioeconomy and clean solutions
  • reforming operating practices through digitalisation, experiments and deregulation.

In addition, there are three administrative reforms: social welfare and health care reform, reducing municipalities' duties and regional government reform.

Ministerial working groups will monitor the implementation of the objectives. Minister of Social Affairs and Health Pirkko Mattila chairs the ministerial working group for wellbeing and health. Of the reforms, the social welfare and health care reform will be lead by Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services Juha Rehula. 

Further information

Further information